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CIS 211 - Fall 2014

This course is a hands-on overview of current web development.  Emphasis will be placed on coding and debugging valid HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), but the course will also include design principles and introductory graphics to encourage attractive, usable design.  Mobile development will be introduced.  Student will use industry standard development environments to create websites.

Fall Semester begins August 18. Check back after the semester begins for updated syllabus & schedule.


Learn Online or Face-to-Face

CIS 211 is offered online (2 sections) and as a hybrid (partially online) course this semester. 

Students need to have access to a reliable computer with a high bandwidth Internet connection. Campus labs offer these resources for students who do not have them at home.

Jodi uses Moodle for class management (quizzes, grades, turning in work, discussion).  Moodle accounts are set up the weekend before classes begin. All course Web pages link to the Moodle login.  Let Jodi know if you are unable to log in to Moodle after the first day of class with

username: first.last
password: 6-digit birthday (e.g. 012377)

fall 2014

Fall classes begin August 18th. The course materials will be ready once the semester begins. I'll send a welcome email with instructions once the semester begins, so let me know if you don't get instructions by the first day of class. The welcome email is sent from Moodle to the email address you provided to WebAdvisor.


Here's what you can do in AUGUST before class begins:

It will probably take a few weeks to get used to how things are done.  Plan to spend a little extra time at first and don't hesitate to email or stop in during office hours if you feel lost.  




Basics of Web Design: HTML5 & CSS3, 2nd Edition
Terry Felke-Morris
ISBN-13: 978-0133128918
$80 on Amazon

(note that there are also cheaper versions at Amazon and on the Publisher's site. Please also see Five Best Sites to Buy Cheap Textbooks )





Web Markup Languages is part of a Web Development Major at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California. We also offer certificates in Web Design and Web Programming.