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Brief Description

CIS 219 covers Dynamic Web development using PHP and MySQL. Prerequisite: CIS 211. If you know HTML5 and CSS3, you may challenge the prerequisite.


Fall 2013 semester

Fall classes begin August 19. The course materials will be ready once the semester begins. CIS 219 is offered face-to-face on Monday evenings with an additional 2 online hours per week. Contact Jodi if you cannot attend Monday evenings to see if another option can be arranged.

Students will need access to a reliable computer with a broadband Internet connection. See How an Online Class Works for details.

Jodi uses Moodle for class management (quizzes, grades, turning in work, discussion).  Moodle accounts are set up the weekend before classes begin. All course Web pages link to the Moodle login.  Let Jodi know if you are unable to log in to Moodle after the first day of class with your college user name (usually first.last) and password changeme.


Here's what you can do in August before class begins:

It will probably take a few weeks to get used to how things are done.  Plan to spend a little extra time at first and don't hesitate to email or stop in during office hours if you feel lost.  




Murach's PHP and MySQL by Joel Murach
$38 on Amazon
ISBN-13: 978-1890774561

An eBook isĀ  available from






CIS 219 is part of a Web Development Major at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon, California. We also offer certificates in Web Design and Web Programming.