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Welcome to Online Learning!

In the Fall semester of 1998, I offered one of the first Cuyamaca College online courses to help out CIS 212 students on a long wait list.  Since then, we've added online sections for many courses. In an online course, students work on assignments at home, using e-mail and the Web to communicate with other students and the instructor.

Am I ready to succeed in an online class?

This online quiz will help you assess your readiness. (I set this up to open in a new browser window. To get back to this page, close the window when you are finished.)

How does it work?

An online course follows a schedule and syllabus (just like an on-campus course), but students can do the work any time during the week.  Instead of attending lectures, online students use the class notes, textbooks, assignments, discussions, and video demonstrations to learn.  Moodle (an online course management system) is used for announcements, discussion, assignments, quizzes, email, and checking grades. Students are responsible for reading the textbooks and handouts and completing all class learning activities on their own, but help is available by discussion, e-mail, online conferencing, or phone.

You mean I don't have to come to class?

That's right!  You can set your own work hours and do everything wherever the course software is installed.  You do have to keep up with the schedule.

So what do I need to be an online student?

Here's what you need to be able to succeed in an online course:

How do I Communicate, Turn Work In, etc.

Do you have any tips for online students?


What Do Students Say About Online Learning?

Former students offered these tips:

Here's what students liked about online learning:

Here's what students didn't like:


Good Luck!!  Let's have FUN and LEARN!