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Art and Art History                                 Art Daily.  Includes information on art, architecture, art quizzes, exhibits, etc.                                             Art Seek.  Includes works and bios of mostly contemporary artists    Good source for general information (e.g. western art and time periods, non-western art)      
Museums Around the World.  Choose a country and see links to various museums                                               Smithsonian Institute                                          The Louvre in Paris (site available in English)                          The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York                                      The Getty Museum (Los Angeles)




History from ancient to modern including western, non-western, women, etc. Departments/History/whistory/timeline.html

Historical timelines



Glossary of poetic terms

Literary Resources on the Web (e.g. literature by time period, etc.)

Great Writers and Poets (information on various authors including biographies, critiques, etc.)




Philosophers (alphabetically listed)

Religions and Religious Studies (offers links to information on most of the world’s religions)



Music and Music History

Music History & Composers

On-line music dictionary


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