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Cuyamaca College Library: Films On Demand



   Click Here for Films on Demand Database


   Film on Demand video clips can be . . .

 . . . accessed on campus and remotely by faculty and students.

 . . . shown in smart classrooms. All the video clips are closed captioned.

 . . . posted in a Blackboard container.


   Click on the video clips on how to . . .

 . . . search for video clip collections (5 minutes)

 . . . embed the video clips in Blackboard (1 minute)

 . . . set up an account to store Favorites -- Playlists -- Folders (3 minutes)


Sometimes a video that you want to watch won't display in the browser.

This document explains the cause of this and steps to take to get the video or other content to display correctly.

   For questions about Films on Demand, please contact Angela Nesta, 619-660-4403,

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