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Refugee 101 Video

Professional Development Fall 2010 session presented by Sheryl Ashley, Raad Jerjis, Teresa McNeil, and Alicia Munoz on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at Cuyamaca College's Digital Theatre (Room B-101).

This workshop provides a brief history of events leading to the influx of Chaldean refugees to the East County and Cuyamaca College. A panel of Chaldean students share their past struggles and current experiences. Instructors offer insights and suggest solutions to classroom issues, leading to greater awareness and pedagogical implications.

Faculty panel: Pat Bennett, ESL Grossmont; Lucinda Hollands, Athletics; Raad Jerjis, Counseling; Alicia Munoz, ESL; Kristen Zink, Child Development Student panel: Qais Goga (Chaldean Refugee), Rayya Halabia, (Catholic Asylee) Babe Hanna, Huda Mohammed (Muslim Refugee), Iklas Shia.
[Open Captioned]

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