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Fight for California's Future:
Restore the Promise of Public Education


Voter Registration information available!

Cuyamaca College: Look
for voter reg materials
tables at F Bldg!

Grossmont College:
Contact your AFT Rep
and materials will be
placed in your box to
share with students.



Teaching Materials for your classes

Thank you so much for participating in the "Teach-In" to support the April 21st march on Sacramento! By talking to your students about the California State Budget and its effects on education, you are empowering your students to take action and better their future.

Below you will find a variety of materials to select from. Please feel free to use these materials as you think best suits your classes content and interests.

There are two short videos you can easily share. The first was created by our students regarding the March for California's Future, and the second is a professional video about the California Budget that students have suggested to us.

When you speak to students, we ask that you encourage them to sign the petition to change the 2/3rds law to pass a budget as well as signing the below form letters to representatives or writing their own, and finally to participate in the April 21st march on Sacramento.

Let one of your AFT representatives know if you have interested students as we are trying to arrange transportation for those who wish to participate.

YouTube Videos to share with students:

Our Students Video
Hollywood Video on CA Budget

Information on how to contact legislators and some form letters to representatives:

Contacting your Legislators

Letter to Governor Schwarzenegger

Letter to Senator Hollingsworth

Letter to Assembly Member Anderson

SIGN the Majority Budget Petition to change the 2/3rds law to pass a budget in California to a Simple Majority


Instructions for getting signatures on a petition

Articles and Information about the California Budget

California Tax Loop Holes Article

Fight for California Article

Prison Policy - Education vs Incarceration Information

Talking Taxes Power Point

March on Sacramento Wednesday, April 21st

Southside Park to State Capitol

Starting Location: Southside Park, 2115 6th Street, Sacramento 95818
Public Event:
• 2-3PM Gather at Southside Park
• 3PM March from Southside Park to Capitol
• 4PM Rally at the Capitol (west lawn)







Your Cuyamaca AFT

Lisa Chaddock, ext.  3033                
Kari Crawford, ext. 4471                    
Larissa Dorman, ext, 4595                
Lauren Halsted, ext. 4022
Stephen McCamman, ext. 4595
Alicia Munoz, ext. 4230
Lyn Neylon, ext. 4241


Your Grossmont AFT

Janet Gelb, ext. 7708
Michael Golden, ext.  7332                
Brian Jennings, ext. 7839
Debbie Justeson, ext.
Mary Rider, ext. 7094                     
Gregg Robinson, ext, 7560
Michelle Tucker, ext. 3891
Edda Temoche-Weldele, ext. 7517
Chrisy Vicino, ext. 7305