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SUL Conference

2013 Sustainable Landscape Conference

Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture Program

We want to thank the following presenters who have graciously allowed us to post their presentations online.  

Jeff Fulgham

Bob Perry

Is Our Water Future Sustainable?    Click here for PDF of presentation

Jeff works with his Banyan Water to deploy water conservation technologies and services to reduce consumption, develop alternate water supply, and reuse technologies to offset municipal water supplies. Formerly, Jeff was the Chief Sustainability Officer and Leader for GE Power and Water working to help solve the world’s energy and water crises’ creating a more sustainable future.

Dan simpson

Glen Schmidt
Trees, Air and Sustainable Landscapes   Click here for PDF of presentation
Dan is the Horticultural Department Manager and Certified Arborist with the San Diego Zoological Society Working as an educator, he conducts classes, workshops, and lectures on a variety of topics. Mr. Simpson also provides consultation on arboriculture practices used in establishing sustainable food supplies, or browse, for zoo animals.

Catherine hollinger

Richard Namba
Integrated Watershed Solutions   Click here for PDF of presentation

Catherine is President of Hollinger and Associates is based in Southern California. Currently, Hollinger is Vice President of National Liaisons for the Orange County Green Chamber, and Director at EcoRhythm.

vicki estrada

Brian Maynard
Sustainability through "Land"ability   Click here for PDF of presentation

Landscape architect, urban designer and President of Estrada Land Planning in San Diego, Estrada serves on the San Diego Foundation Environment Group, San Diego Canyonlands and Groundwork, San Diego Board of Directors.

Greg Rubin

Dave Shaw
Fire Management with Native Plants   Click here for PDF of presentation

Rubin leads a “new wave” in California landscape design and native restoration that incorporates ecology at all levels in the design and installation process. He specializes in landscapes that consist of native plants, that are highly water efficient, support an array of wildlife, are easy to maintain, and are fire resistant. His book on successful native restoration and landscaping will be available in March, 2013 distributed by Timber Press.

Nick DeLorenzo

Nick DeLorenzo
Conference Summary  

Nick DeLorenzo has provided overall design, coordination and management services for a wide variety of public, private, commercial, and institutional landscape architectural projects during his 44 years of practice as a Landscape Architect. He has won numerous design and planning awards both locally and nationally and is renowned for his public outreach and public involvement in activities throughout San Diego. Nick also serves as the Intermediate and Advanced Residential Landscape Design Instructor at Cuyamaca College

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