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Assessment tests in English, math and English as a Second Language are offered on the Cuyamaca College campus.  The assessment test results are used to help evaluate your present skill levels and assist in the selection of appropriate math and English classes.  You will not be cleared to enroll into any collegiate level math or English course until you either take an assessment test, or qualify for an exemption.  Current assessment test dates and times are found in the Class Schedule.  

Exemption Criteria
1.  earned an Associate Degree or higher at an accredited college or university, OR
2.  concurrently matriculated at another college or university and have documentation of status, OR
3.  completed the assessment process at another college or university, OR
4.  enrolling in a course for educational/personal enrichment that does not require math or English as a prerequisite, corequisite, or advisory.

Interpreting the Results of the Assessment Tests
The test used for English is called the Assessment & Placement Services, or APS.  This test takes approximately 1 hour to complete.  The mathematics test is called the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project, or MDTP.  This test takes approximately 1 hour.  Following these tests, there is a one hour Student Orientation & Advisement session.  The entire process will take 3 hours.  The scores are used to recommend to you the most appropriate English and/or math course(s) to take.  The results of your tests can be obtained during the the Student Orientation and Advisement session.  It is important to know how your English and math courses will be utilized in your degree or in transfer to another institution.

To Obtain an exemption see a counselor, or e-mail the Counseling Center.

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