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To Register on-line using Web Connect


Before You Register

Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) Clear all holds on your Appointment Mailer.
Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) Clear all prerequisites.
Submit address and major code changes to the Admissions and Records Office.

Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) Have a Class Schedule.
Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) Check your Appointment Mailer for your registration appointment day.

Help Lines

Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) If you are having difficulty registering, call (619) 660-4275.
Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) If you are not cleared for a math or English prerequisite, call the Counseling Center at (619) 660-4429.
Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) Deaf or hard of hearing students should contact DSPS at (619) 670-3996.
Checkmark.gif (991 bytes) If you need help completing the fee payment step, contact the College Cashier's Office at (619) 660-4256.


money_bag.gif (1018 bytes) You may be dropped from all your classes if payment is not received on time, at the discretion of Cuyamaca College.
money_bag.gif (1018 bytes) Make your check payable to CUYAMACA COLLEGE.
money_bag.gif (1018 bytes) To ensure that your payment is properly credited, write your social security number or assigned student ID number on the face of the check or money order.  Return your appointment mailer with your payment.
money_bag.gif (1018 bytes) A drop box for payment is available at the Cuyamaca College Cashier's Office.
Do NOT send cash through the mail!
money_bag.gif (1018 bytes) Mail your payment and appointment mailer to:
Cashier's Office
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District
P.O. Box 19818
San Diego, CA  92159-0818 (This address is for payment only.  It is not for other correspondence.)


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