The Cuyamaca offers classes on Saturdays.  These classes vary in the number of Saturday sessions required, and some may include a weekday evening.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Because many Saturday classes are accelerated, each class has its own add, drop, refund and withdraw deadlines.  Refer to the Class Schedule for dates and deadlines.  You can add and drop classes on-line using Web Connect.

Student Responsibilities
Attend all class sessions.
Arrive on time to class.
Hand in homework by the deadlines.
Officially add or withdraw from classes in person, by phone, or on-line by the posted deadlines.

Tips for Success in Weekend College
For each one hour in class you can expect up to 2 hours of home work.   Therefore, it is possible that you could have up to 18 hours of home work during the week.
Participate in class and group discussions.
Initiate or join a study group.
Take clear, organized notes.
Review your notes immediately after class and several times during the week.
Do not procrastinate with class assignments.
If you need help with your study techniques, take PDC 130 "Study Skills and Time Management."
Communicate with your instructor!
See a counselor for assistance with educational planning or any problems or concerns you may have.

Books and Syllabi
Books and Syllabi for Weekend College courses are available in the Cuyamaca College Bookstore.  Visit the Bookstore for further information.

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