Automotive Student Service Educational Training

What is ASSET?

ASSET is a two year college program leading to an Associate of Science degree in Automotive Technology. It is a joint effort of three organizations: Ford Motor Company, San Diego County Ford and Lincoln/Mercury dealers and Cuyamaca College.


What is the purpose of ASSET?

To upgrade the technical competency and professional level of incoming Ford, Mazda and Lincoln/Mercury dealership technicians.

To train Ford ASSET Program students to diagnose analytically, service and maintain Ford automotive products using recommended procedures, special tools and ford service publications.

To provide course content that will enable the successful graduate to advance in position after additional experience and to understand new systems and components as they are introduced.

To provide Ford, Mazda and Lincoln/Mercury dealers with career automotive technicians who are technically current and proficient on Lincoln/Mercury products and systems.

How does it work?

The ASSET program utilizes accelerated 8 and 6 week semesters of coursework alternating with periods of full-time paid work experience/on the job training at Ford, Mazda and Lincoln-Mercury dealerships.

Ford, Mazda and Lincoln-Mercury dealers work with the college to select students to be admitted to the program. The program is limited to a maximum of twenty-four students every two years. Admission to the program is very competitive; candidates should be prepared to be aggressive about finding a sponsoring dealership.

Can I be in the ASSET Program if I am not sponsored?

Yes, however the work experience is an integral part of the program, and without work experience no degree will be granted. ford will not supply textbooks to unsponsored students

Where is the training done?

All classes are taught at Cuyamaca  College. Cuyamaca College is located in southern El Cajon (Rancho San Diego). The college is conveniently located just off highway 94, approximately 12 miles from Qualcomm Stadium. Automotive classes are taught in our large state-of-the-art facility utilizing the latest technology and late model Ford, Mazda and Lincoln-Mercury vehicles.

How much will the training cost me?

Training costs total approximately $300 to $500 per semester -- this includes all books, tuition, parking and health fees. Financial aid is available.

Am I required to supply my own hand tools for the ASSET program?

No, Cuyamaca College has a well-stocked tool room and during your work experience class you will be working under a technician who will usually let you use his tools. However, you should immediately begin acquiring tools. We have discount programs with major tool manufacturers to assist you in your tool purchases.

Will Ford or my dealership pay for my education?

No, but Ford and and your dealership support the students in many other ways. Ford will supply you with most of your automotive textbooks and other "goodies". Ford also supplies the school with special tools, test equipment and training vehicles. Your dealership will supply you with uniforms while you are in school. Dealer benefits vary. High school students should apply for the Ford Salute to Education scholarship, applications are available at your high school.