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Beginning Acting for Teens

Fee: $75 

This class is structured for young adults to give an introduction to theater and introduce beginning acting skills. The course will encompass the use of theater games and exercises to help in speech, vocabulary, voice projection, pronunciation, and to promote self-esteem and confidence.  The use of script reading, cold reading will aid in the process.  The class will also promote social interaction and help have a better understanding and appreciation for the Performing Arts,; some theater history will be used to give students a better understanding of how theater has evolved from the past to the present. Basic stage terminology and stage familiarity will also be introduced.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1560 M 9/8-10/13 4:30pm-6 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room B-120
1560 M 10/20-11/24 4:30pm-6 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room B-120

Color Pencil Drawing

Fee: $100

Students will draw on location while focusing on color pencils as the primary medium. They will be introduced to drawing methods that will foster growth and awareness with simple and effective techniques that utilize basic materials. In addition, students will experience working outdoors, particularly in the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College. All skill levels welcome. Click here for supply list.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1280 M-Th 7/28-7/31 9am-12 Cuyamaca College (CC) Water Conservation Garden
1280 F 9/5-9/26 10am-1 Cuyamaca College (CC) Water Conservation Garden

Finding Your Voice

Fee: $100

Gain confidence in oral presentations, interaction with others, performance and teaching while finding freedom, ease and relaxation in your breath, body, and voice. In this course, you will develop and apply effective communication techniques through individual and group exercises within text and poetry selections and develop a personal warm-up routine tailored for your voice and body.

Course Code  Days Date Time Room
1300 M 9/29-11/3 6-8:30pm Grossmont College (GC) Room TBD

Makeup Artistry

Fee: $155

Get started in the exciting world of Makeup Artistry or learn the basics to be able to work on yourself, friends, and family. Learn how to properly color match, contour and highlight, a natural eye look that can be used for bridal, print, and film, as well as every day. Create a glamour look that you can use for special events, fashion, and print. With this class you can get certified as a Makeup Artist which gives you 20 to 40 percent off makeup lines, as in MAC, Bobbie Brown, and Smashbox.  Click here for supply list.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1245 S 9/6 & 9/27 8am-5 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room B121
1245 S 10/4 & 10/25 8am-5 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room B121 

Modern Soapmaking

Fee: $60

After learning soapmaking safety, formulating soap recipes, and calculating lye quantities, students will enjoy making soap from whole vegetable oils and herbs. Handmade soap is a great gift or may be sold for profit at craft fairs. A list of required supplies is available with special pricing through instructor’s website at Supplies are also available at and

Required text for the first day of class ($18): Soapmaking 101: Beginning Cold Process Soapmaking ISBN: 978-0615833941 at

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1000 W 9/10-10/15 6:30pm-8:30 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room F408  

Mosaic Creations

Fee: $140

Mosaic is one of the oldest art forms, dating back to 5000 BC! Today mosaic artists work with ceramic, marble, dishes or cut glass. Learn the basic techniques of mosaic art while making 2-3 projects for your home, office or to give as gifts. This class is for those who want to have fun being creative, whether you consider yourself an artist or not. Click here for supply list.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1285 T 9/9-10/21
No Class 9/23
6pm-9 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room B121  
1285 T 10/28-12/9
No class 11/11, 11/25
6pm-9 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room TBD 

Painting Through Expressive Arts

Fee: $100

Expressive arts explore creativity as a process, rather than a project oriented medium. Join us for painting as a creative process and self-discovery. Explore your painting with other art disciplines, led in a way that anyone can do. This class is for those who want to PLAY in the arts, whether you consider yourself an artist not. No experience necessary.  Click here for a list of supplies.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1305 M 9/8-10/20 6pm-8  CANCELLED

Pen & Ink Drawing

Fee: $100

This course exposes students to some of the basic principles of design while focusing on ink as the primary medium. By exploring drawing with pen and ink, students are introduced to drawing methods that foster growth and awareness with simple and effective techniques that utilize basic materials. All skill levels welcome.   Click here for supply list.

Course Code Days Date Time Room
1290 Th 10/2-10/23 6pm-9 Cuyamaca College (CC) Room 363

A Night at the Theatre: The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Fee: $21 full time students/$31 for all others

Renowned director and Tony Award nominee Mark Lamos returns to the Globe with one of Shakespeare’s most delightful and boisterous comedies. Best friends Valentine and Proteus travel to the big city to seek their fortunes, only to find themselves rivals, both madly in love with the beautiful Silvia, daughter of Milan’s most powerful duke. A fast-paced, exuberant tale of friendship, romance, and secret identities, featuring a band of out laws, two bumbling servants, and one unforgettable dog. There will be a lecture/ presentation at the Old Globe Theatre at 6:30pm before the performance. Please visit for more information.

Course CodeDays Date Time Room
1225 F 9/12 6pm-10 Old Globe Theatre (Balboa Park)







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