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Activity Details

DISC Style Assessment (preregistration required)
Tuesday, August 12
9:00am to 12:00pm (3 flex hours)

presented by Donna Hajj
Workshop Number: CC-F-208
Location: A-112

The DISC assessment is a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures communication behaviors. It first helps us to understand our own styles, and then equally as important, how to enhance communications with others. It does not measure intelligence, values, or performance, but rather encourages us to explore all behavior styles and appreciate the differences. By learning how to read other peoples styles you can modify the way you interact and as a result, enhance the effectiveness of your messages. You will be asked to take the assessment and complete a one-page homework assignment prior to attending the workshop. You will receive a comprehensive DISC report (a $40.00 value)once you complete the assessment.

We have a limited number of assessments available. Contact as soon as possible to reserve your DISC Assessment.






Revised   August 04, 2014
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