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Community Service


One of the hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa is Community Service and there are a number of ways that you can participate. Here is a list of our most recent and future activities: 




Past, Current, and Future Events


  • Cuyamaca College Recycling Program - Won 2008 WRAPS Award! Phi Theta Kappa members volunteer once a week for 4 hours to assist collecting and recycling items to help the environment and to bring in needed funds for our organization. We are excited to report that we were a part of it!



  •  Jonas Brother's Sign Cuyamaca Shirt for Phi Theta Kappa! A Cuyamaca Student Body T-Shirt was signed by The Jonas Brothers for Vice President of Service, Suzette Sinclair's daughter and was presented to the Cuyamaca Associated Student Government as a fund-raising item. The shirt will be auctioned off on Ebay to reach a larger crowd of age appropriate buyers



  •  "I Love A Clean San Diego" Canyon Cleanup! Volunteers from one high school, service groups such as the YMCA and armed service members, two colleges, including Cuyamaca Chapter Phi Theta Kappa, and other volunteers got together and cleaned up 2720 pounds of trash and 592 pounds of recycling in an impressive two hours one morning by caring enough to get involved. Without these volunteers, all of the trash would still be in the canyon habitat, on the streets, and eventually in the ocean, harming wildlife along the way.




  •  Donations to Soldiers Angels: Phi Theta Kappa made blankets and signed cards for our troops. The blankets, shown in red, white, and blue, were made to go to soldiers that are returning from overseas. The Christmas cards were signed with words of encouragement for soldiers who are currently overseas. This donation was just a small token of our thanks and acknowledgement for all they do!


  •  Rescue Task Force:      Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter President Chuck Taylor and Recording Secretary Jamie Bruce stuffed envelopes for Rescue Task Force. The newsletter consisting of 2200 envelopes were stuffed by over 20 volunteers from the community at The East County Chamber of Commerce in El Cajon on October 27, 2008.                                                                                                                                            


  • Project Graduation: Feed a Body - Feed a Mind!                                                                                                    When it comes to fighting hunger and illiteracy in our community, you can change bodies, minds, and lives. Change your community: Donate today! Help community outreach agencies and literacy organizations combat continual shortages. Bring non-perishable food items and books to drop off at designated locations on campus. All items collected will be donated locally. Together, we can all feed a body, and feed a mind.


  • Happy Hearts for Hurting Heroes: Summer 2008

    Cuyamaca College Trustee and Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter President Chuck Taylor and members of Phi Theta Kappa joined over 80 volunteers from the local VFW, Women's Auxiliary, Military Wives and Family members, Boy Scouts and local community members to volunteer for The Rescue Task forces "Happy Hearts for Hurting Heroes" campaign. Their mission was to fill backpacks for combat-wounded veterans who were medevaced off of the battlefields of Iraq. Each Backpack contained over 80 items - everything from socks to playing cards and then were given to the hospitalized veterans. Cuyamaca College's Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter was featured on the KUSI channel 9 evening news!



    On Saturday, June 24th, 2006 at Granite Hills High School, Cuyamaca College Phi Theta Kappa “Night Howlers” participated along with several other teams to raise money for the American Cancer Society . This overnight event celebrated survivorship and raised $35,000 to conquer cancer. Out of the $35,000 that was raised, $975.00 was contributed by the Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter “Night Howlers.”

    Phi Theta Kappa has twice been recognized as the top collegiate contributor.

    The games and fun were endless and the turnout was a huge success despite the 100 degree weather.

    As the event went into the evening Jim Hannibal, Automotive Instructor at Cuyamaca College performed Native American music during the sunset hours.

    Alpha Pi Omicron Chapter not only raised $975.00 but donated fifteen gallons of ice cream, eight-hundred ice cream cones and $300.00 worth of extra supplies. Phi Theta Kappa members pounded the pavement in El Cajon asking for donations and their time! Da Boyz Pizza graciously donated twenty large pizzas as well as delivered them to the event. Cuyamaca College furnished eighty chairs twenty-five tables & two canopies.

    The event ended on Sunday at 9:30am with a pancake breakfast that was to die for.


  • Relay for Life coming 2009!



    This is a new program called “Operation Green: Improving Our Community” which is an International Service Program for Phi Theta Kappa. Alpha Pi Omicron already has several projects in progress and several others being prepared.

    Keep America Beautiful, in partnership with local affiliates, seeks solutions to the issues that mark the basic challenges to “quality of life.” While the tactics used may be different in each community, their goals are uniform.

    Keep America Beautiful strives to:

    · address community blight by tackling graffiti and litter

    · improve the environment and its ecosystems by building or revitalizing parks, waterways, and public spaces

    · reduce waste through reuse and recycling programs

    · raise awareness through education and public service messages.

    Keep America Beautiful is challenging Phi Theta Kappa chapters to look closely at the needs of your community, to engage your faculty members and fellow students in meaningful action, to broadcast your successes, to educate, and, above all, to take personal responsibility for the world around you. If we accomplish this together, we will all be doing our part to keep America beautiful.

    The raw materials we recycle have value to manufacturers, and thus can create a revenue stream for fundraising. Recycling events are also great ways to get communities working together, and to educate all ages in the process.

    Help keep America Beautiful by using the recycling receptacles on while at Cuyamaca College.



    Phi Theta Kappa Officers are gearing up for another delivery of hand-made crocheted lap blankets to be delivered to the spinal cord injury ward at the Veterans Hospital in La Jolla. Where does Alpha Pi Omicron get these blankets? They are crochet by an eighty-four year old woman who wishes to remain anonymous. When asked why she gives her beautiful blankets to the VA, she replied, “Whether the person has been touched by tragedy, or needs encouragement , we can give them something warm and cozy to wrap around them, like a hug from a friend, plus it gives me something to do!”

  • On July 29th, 2008 Rescue Task force and Phi Theta Kappa converged on the local VFW in El Cajon, CA along with other members of the community to build 80 backpacks for the "Happy Hearts for Hurting Heroes". You see severely wounded Marines, Soldiers, Airman and Sailors are often medevaced within three days of being injured.  In the process they are separated from their personal belongings and arriving stateside in a hospital gown, sometimes in the field uniform (BDU) that they were wearing when injured. They receive great medical care from hospital staff and great appreciation from Rescue Task Force's Back Packs.

  • Rescue Task Force delivers unique Back Packs full of necessities including warm sweats, t-shirts, flip flops, full shaving bag and much more. Many go directly into isolation/quarantine and are alone, separated from family, fellow team members and face an unknown future. Each Back Pack also contains "Heart Medicine"- entertainment items including cell phone & minutes, Gameboy & games, CD player & CD's and most important, a letter of Thanks to let them know they are NOT forgotten.




    Project Graduation - Coming June 2009

    American Cancer Society “Relay for Life” - Coming 2009

    Rescue Task force “ efforts to rebuild major disaster communities like Katrina, Sri Lanka”

    Better World Books “literacy program”

    Alpha Pi Omicron will be presenting a “Welcome to Cuyamaca College” banner to the college and students to be displayed over the entrance of the F-Building for the fall semester

    Project Green “Keep America Beautiful”

    Out Reach Program “ information on Scholarships, Two years colleges, and Phi Theta Kappa benefits


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