Minutes of the Phi Theta Kappa

Officers Meeting

October 25, 2008 



I.                    Call to Order


President Charles Taylor called the meeting of Phi Theta Kappa to order at 3:30pm. Also present at the meeting was Regional Representative Barbra Murray (barb.murray@ptk.org). The meeting was held at Hometown Buffet and was not mandatory.


II.                 Advice From Barbra Murray


A.     Hallmarks


Mrs. Murray encouraged our chapter to set realistic goals in each hallmark in both the primary and secondary focuses. She emphasized the importance of taking leadership roles in the activities we participate in. When participating in projects it is a good idea to find projects that will fit into two or more hallmarks. If we are able to do this we should focus on completing 10 good projects. She suggested planning projects around the four hallmarks and their focuses.


B.     Hallmark Awards


To help make the entry for hallmark awards stronger, it is best to keep continuous notes on the activities we participate in. Keeping a journal of the planning process, research, during the activity and reflection on the impact following an activity is highly suggested and will help in the entry process. Entries for each hallmark will be different from one another, therefore if one or more hallmarks are completed in one activity the write up should focus on different aspects of the activity. A quality entry is very specific, bulleted, clear, and easy to read.


C.     Projects and Activities


Fundraisers could fulfill one of the hallmarks, but they do not hold as much weight in the judging process as other activities. For activities to be counted as Phi Theta Kappa events two or more members must be present at an activity. In order to make an activity stronger, research should be done before hand.



D.     Regional Events


In fall, there will be a leadership conference held in Las Vegas. During May regional awards will be given out and officers will be elected in San Jose. During July, the Honors Institute takes place for Phi Theta Kappa members.


E.      National Events


During the month of April the convention will be held in Grapevine, Texas. Pinical awards are given out during the convention and officers are elected. During the month of June the International Honors Institute will be held in Richmond, Virginia. The institute will be held Monday through Saturday and the cost is $900, which includes food and board.


F.      Scholarships


The Jack Kent Cook, Leaders of promise and Coca-cola scholarships are available, along with many others for Phi Theta Kappa members.


III.               Rescue Task Force


On Monday October 27 the rescue Task force will be having a letter folding party at the East County Chamber of Commerce.


IV.              Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm by Charles Taylor.


V.                 Next Meeting


            The next Phi Theta Kappa Officers’ meeting will be held on November 21, 2008 at 3:00pm.