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Kerry Kilber Rebman

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CC Task Force

Website Redesign Task Forces


The redesign of the websites for both Cuyamaca and Grossmont colleges is being overseen by a districtwide College Website Steering Task Force. The charge of the task force is to approve the final website designs and review feedback from the Web Advisory Task Forces at each college.

The college task forces will be making recommendations on the website navigation and design and determining who will own the content for pages on the website. They will also be determine major content area placement within the predetermined top navigation of the website.


Districtwide Website Steering Task Force

Taskforce Website
Task Force Members:


Cuyamaca College Web Advisory Task Force

Task Force Website
Task force Members:

Grossmont College Task Force

Learn more about the Grossmont College website redesign project.

Revised  November 19, 2014
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