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Kerry Kilber Rebman

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Website Redesign Timeline


  • February 28: Feedback due on preliminary deliverables (business requirements version 2, wireframes version 2 and sample sites)
  •  March 31: Final approval and sign off on all Design and Analysis phase deliverables
  •  May 16: Content inventory and information architecture review due for both sites from college stakeholders.  Approval of content integration contract if Beacon will be completing the content work for the remainder of the project.
  • June 9 - July 17: All department, divisions and individuals will continue to review their areas of the current website to determine content to be moved to the new website. Some departments or divisions may be consulted regarding their site’s appearance and end-user navigation (navigation bars). Training and one-on-one meeting times will also be available to assist everyone through this process.
  • August 4: Mass copy date. All changes to our website after this date will have to be made on the new site when it becomes available.
  • September 2: Train the trainer webinar.
  • September 3 - October 1: Prepare training material and complete copy from old site to new site.
  • October 1 - December 1: Interested users will be trained on how to create and edit on the new website. Note: all initial editing must be completed by Dec. 1 to appear in our new website at launch. However, routine editing and maintenance will continue after the site goes live Dec. 18.
  • December 18: New website launch date!

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NOTE: This timeline is subject to change.

Revised  July 15, 2014
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