Cuyamaca College

ESL 100 Fundamentals of English II


Bob Stipp          Office - none      Phone - none

Office hours - by appointment


M 7:00pm-7:50pm M 8:00pm-9:50pm E113 W 7:00-9:50pm E113


Focus on Grammar-Intermediate by Marjorie Fuchs

Weaving it Together II by Milada Broukal

Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell


The aim of this course is to improve your, reading, writing, and grammar skills English. Students will learn to read and write sentences and paragraphs in the present, past, future and present perfect tenses; to recognize the differences between simple and continuous tenses; to correctly use adjectives and adverbs; to use gerunds and infinitives correctly; to change sentences and questions form positive to negative; to categorize, organize, and logically sequence ideas into paragraphs and short writings; and to read basic texts, identify main ideas, and use margin notes.


Students will participate in the following class activities:

reading exercises           grammar           writing practice

individual work   group discussions          small group work

vocabulary development  journals note taking


Students will be graded on a point scale.

A = 90-100%     Excellent work

B = 80-89%       Superior work

C = 70-79%       Good/Average work

D = 60-69%       Poor work

F = 0-59%         Fail/No Pass


Being in class is very important because some assignments will not come from your book. Part of each student's grade will be based on attendance and classroom participation. Students should attend class regularly, answer questions, work cooperatively in groups, and come prepared to each class (always bring your textbook, paper, and pen or pencil). If you are absent for more than 4 days, without an excuse, you will be dropped from the class!


Students are expected to give or show their homework to the teacher on the due date. Late work is not accepted. You must find out about homework and turn it in on time even if you are not in class. To help do this, call another student when you are absent. Homework assignments will be worth 2 points each.



Student Name   Telephone Number



Student Name   Telephone Number


There are no make-up tests! If there is a problem, you must notify the teacher 1 week before the test is given. Tests may consist of multiple choice, fill in the blank, sentence completion, true/false questions and short paragraphs. Tests are worth 40-50 points.

Peer Review of written work:

On days that peer review is scheduled, you must bring in 3 typed copies of your paragraphs. You will work in groups looking at structure, content and grammar. This exercise will help you write better, help your classmates write better, and give you ideas for the future. Written assignments will be worth 20 points.

Reading Quizzes:

There are 4 reading quizzes for each of the two novels we will read. There are NO make-up quizzes! Each quiz contains 5-7 questions about the reading assignment. Questions about main ideas and may be multiple choice or short written answer. Reading is a very important skill; therefore, the total of all reading quizzes combined will equal 1 test score.


You will be expected to complete 20 full pages of journal entries. Ten journal entries will be collected by the mid-term and the last ten at the end of the class. Journals can be based on idioms or readings we do in class. Journals are worth 2 points each.