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     Cuyamaca College Library's mission is for students to develop information competency skills. Information competency (IC) is a set of skills students need to find and critically evaluate information. Cuyamaca Library seeks to develop student IC skills by offering a strong instructional program, having a relevant collection of resources, and providing efficient circulation/technical services. In support of our mission and in recognition of the Library's unique role as both a provider of information and services, the library faculty and staff have identified the following five outcomes.

      SLO 1,2,3, will assess student IC skills after interacting with a librarian at the reference desk instruction and/or library orientation. CC Library is a teaching library. Each encounter with a librarian has a potential learning outcome for students. Students enhance their information competency skills through interactions with reference librarians or completion of a library orientation. Our perspective is that library instruction is a valuable learning activity - not simply a service. Librarians do not just give students the answers and send the satisfied student away. The expected outcomes will show that students who develop the information competency skills can complete their in-depth college-level research assignments.

     SLO 4 will assess student IC skills by surveying their independent usage of Cuyamaca Library's collections made available on the library homepage. Cuyamaca librarians have chosen to implement a user-based approach to assessment instead of the traditional collection-based approach. The user-based approach takes into consideration whether library collections are used by students and what unmet needs exist. Collection development involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current collections, carefully selecting new materials in all formats, promoting the use of library materials, and continuing the effort to find the most effective means of providing information. The gateway to navigating the student use of the library collections is through Cuyamaca Library's website which provides links to library systems such as the catalog, electronic books, reference e-books, databases, tutorials. The expected outcomes will show that students who are able to retrieve information sources from the Library website have developed some student information competency learning outcomes.

     SLO 5 will assess student IC skill after interacting with the circulation desk staff. Our perspective is that students will be able to identify circulation and reserve collection policies, policies that provide students with equitable access to library collections and standards for proper use of library materials.
Students will develop the information competency skills listed below:

SLO 1: The student will demonstrate the IC skills of constructing a successful search statement and identifying keywords/subject words in order to execute an effective search strategy.

SLO 2: The student will demonstrate the IC skills of selecting sources from the library catalog or the online databases.

SLO 3: The student will demonstrate the IC skills of evaluating a source and determining its reliability, validity, authority and point of view.

SLO 4: The student will demonstrate the IC skills of independently accessing and using library collections made available from the Library homepage.

SLO 5: The student will identify the IC skills of identifying circulation policies and reserve collection policies

Introduction  HOME | SLOs 1,2,3 |  SLO 4 | SLO 5 | SLO matrix |  

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