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      The Library has, for decades, measured student information competency through indirect evidence such as satisfaction surveys. Now this has come to an end.  We now have a mandate set forth by WASC and the Accrediting Committee for the Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) that requires all libraries to meet the Accreditation Standard II: 

     "The institution offers high-quality instructional programs, student support services, and library and learning support services that facilitate and  demonstrate  the achievement of stated student learning outcomes." (Wasc/ACCCJC standards). 

     Unfortunately, we did not find any best practice SLO library models and none of us were expert research analysts. So how do we assess the effectiveness of library face-to-face instruction and virtual instruction? How do we design valid and reliable assessment tools? How does this differ from inputs/outputs? How do we know if we are making a difference in improving students' ability to become independent researchers?

     To design our SLO 1,2,3, we looked to the library association called Academic College Research Libraries (ACRL) which has been the standard for all libraries offering stand alone classes.  We selected three specific ACRL standards that can be assessed face-to-face at the reference desk and in library orientations.


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