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Student Learning Outcomes

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     SLO 1,2,3, will assess student demonstration IC skills after a reference desk instruction and/or library orientation. The CC Library is a "teaching library" where librarians provide library instruction in the classroom and at the reference desk.  We selected these SLO's based on WASC and ACRL standards. Our perspective is that library instruction is a valuable learning activity - not simply a service. Librarians do not just give students the answers and send the satisfied student away. Our expected outcomes is for students to develop the IC skills of finding and evaluating library resources in order to complete their in-depth college-level research assignments.

 Goal #1:  Student will demonstrate information competency skills.
SLO 1: The student will demonstrate the IC skill of constructing a successful search statement and identifying keywords/subject words in order to execute an effective search strategy.

SLO 2: The student will demonstrate the IC skill of selecting sources from the library catalog or the online databases.

SLO 3: The student will demonstrate the IC skill of evaluating a source and determining its reliability, validity, authority and point of view.

     The CC Library will assess the above SLO's at the reference desk and in library orientations.  Our instructional model provides assignment-related instruction as needed by students. Librarians offer active learning opportunities at the the reference desk and in library orientations so that students can search for information on research topics.

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