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Student Learning Outcomes

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     SLO 4 : Students will demonstrate the ability to independently access and use library collections made available from the Library homepage.

Expected Outcomes:
The outcomes will be used as feedback to identify changes CC Library has to make in the ongoing effort to improve student information competency learning outcomes.

  • Question 1: Student report use of library resources listed on the library homepage.

  • Question 2: Student circle number of library resources they use. Expected outcomes is 7 out 13 circled.

  • Question 3: Student report librarian intervention in questions 1, 2, and 3, 50%. 
    Student will report no librarian intervention in questions 4, 5, 6, and 7, 50%.

Methodology and findings for Spring 2012

     Spring 2012 semester data collection hand out forms to students from reference desk and in Living Room, when student return a completed form to the reference librarian, they get a piece of candy. Numbers of students expected to assess 200 students.

     Eight (8)out of 192 students (i.e. 4%) who filled out the SLO 4 survey claim to use 7 to 13 of the links (library sources) listed on the library homepage. However, 61% of students of the students surveyed are independently using some kind of resources on the library homepage. Statistics show 110 students checked 1 to 6 links (library sources) listed on the library homepage. This suggests that perhaps these students needed to use only certain resources. Expecting a result of using 7 to 13 sources on the library website was perhaps unreasonable, as 4% is very low and implies that most students don't understand what we offer. Also, 8 students filled out the form incorrectly which suggests an assessment tool design flaw or that they didn't understand the survey.

Recommendations and changes we will make

In the spring of 2013, the form will be re-designed to be more simple and streamed-line. The check all that applies will not be used. The students will be asked about the usage of no more than four library resources with only three possible responses. This will give tighter results, better interpretation of the data and more accurate assessment of independent learning and usage of the library's website resources.

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