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Student Learning Outcomes

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SLO 4 : Students will demonstrate the ability to independently access and use library collections made available from the Library homepage.    

     CC Library is a "teaching library" with a mission to increase student information competency skills.   In order to develop student information competency skills, it is important that Cuyamaca Librarians develop library collections that meet the research needs of all Cuyamaca students.  Collection development involves evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current collections, carefully selecting new materials in all formats, promoting the use of library materials, and continuing the effort to find the most effective means of providing information. The gateway to navigating the student use of the library collections is through Cuyamaca Library's website which provides  links to library systems such as the catalog, electronic books, reference e-books, databases, tutorials.

     Cuyamaca librarians have chosen to implement a user-based approach to assessment instead of the traditional collection- based approach.  The user-based approach takes into consideration whether library collections are used and available and what unmet needs exist. The expected outcomes will be used as feedback to identify changes CC Library has to make in the ongoing effort to improve student information competency learning outcomes.

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