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Don Schultz

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Sustainable urban landscaping


To have the most beneficial or least harmful effect on our environment, it is useful to develop a set of principles that we can use to guide our decisions about the ways in which we live on the land and impact the subsequent health of our environment.

These principles should guide our design choices and provide strategies that conform to these principles. With principles and strategies guiding our decisions, we have a much improved opportunity to make smarter, better informed choices as we develop our natural environment.

The task is to develop a set of sustainable principles and strategies which can be applied to any site or style of design and does not require returning the landscape to a totally natural condition.

A working set of principles for a sustainable landscape might include:

  • A landscape that is ongoing, enduring and self-sufficient.
  • One that responds the dynamic nature of the environment.
  • A landscape which respects the environmental issues that affect the region, the country, and the planet.


A sustainable landscape should:

  • Fit the regional context
  • Have minimal site impact
  • Restore damaged sites
  • Coordinate with natural events and cycles
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle materials and resources
  • Create a healthy environment

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