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PSY 120 Online - Purchasing Options

This course includes two components designed for online learning. Both are required.

1) Discovery Series: Introduction to Psychology, brief Edition, Plotnik and Kouyoumdjian, 2013

2) the publisher-hosted Web site CourseMate which includes extra content, interactive animations, videos, required quizzes, and an eBook version of the printed text


New Printed Textbook Discovery Series: Introduction to Psychology, brief Edition,  Plotnik and Kouyoumdjian, Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2013. * includes free Psychology CourseMate Access Card Code (with expanded online content) ISBN-10: 1111347026, ISBN-13: 9781111347024


You can buy a new book for this course (with free CourseMate included) from the College Bookstore.or from other vendors, but if you do purchase online, be sure that the book is new and includes CourseMate. Also, be sure to order well in advance so that you receive the materials before the first day of class. Orders from the College Bookstore. can be picked up at the college or sent to your home.


You can also buy a new book direct from Cengage: Introduction to Psychology with CourseMate


Used books will not have an active CourseMate code so this must be purchased separately (see below). Also note that older editions of the Plotnik/Kouyoumdjian textbook are not recommended for this course. Although the content is similar, the structure and organization is so different that you will be lost throughout the course.


CourseMate Site:

CourseMate is required for this course. Each student will must have a CourseMate account to be put onto the CourseMate roster. CourseMate is a publisher Website that includes extra-content and quizzes that count for points in this course..It also includes an online eBook version of the text. Only new textbooks (from any vendor) will include an active  CourseMate access code inside the front cover. CourseMate code can only be used by one student, per one semester (so you cannot use or share another's code). If you,buy used, borrow, or share a text,book, then you will have to purchase a separate CourseMate code from the link below (if you rent the text, be sure to check on CourseMate policy). You can use the eBook (included in CourseMate) without the printed text, but this is not recommended for most students as it is a more difficult learning experience and there is not much of a cost advantage over buying a new text bundle. [Note: there is a free preview mode in CourseMate, but access is limited and work cannot be saved. So, this mode cannot be used for the course.]


                                Publisher purchase link: CourseMate Instant Access code with eBook but without printed text



Summary: Choose one of these three options for course materials:

1) New print textbook - includes free CourseMate * easiest choice and available at college bookstore

2) Used textbook with separate purchase of CourseMate via the above link * used book must be acquired separately

3) CourseMate purchase alone via the above link * includes eBook but no printed text - not recommended for most students