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Introductory Psychology

PSY 120 - Fall 2014

Introductory Psychology Online



Recommended on-campus orientation at the Cuyamaca College campus on Sat., 8/16, in Room F508 on the Cuyamaca College campus. Time depends on your class section number: #1718 from 11-12 Noon, #1726 from 12-1 PM.


If you cannot attend the orientation: The purpose of this orientation is to assure you understand the new integrated approach with CourseMate, course requirements,,assignments, grading. and schedule details in the course. If you are unable to attend the on-campus orientation, the alternative is to take (and pass) an online orientation quiz before any course work can begin. The quiz (with instructions) will be available within our Blackboard classroom when you first enter (on the first day of the semester). No need to email me if you are going to miss the on-campus orientation, just complete the quiz at the start of the class.

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Chapter Topics in the Course:


 1. Introducing Psychology

 2. Biological Basis of Behavior

 3. Sensation and Perception

 4. States of Consciousness

 5. Learning

 6. Memory

 7. Intelligence, Thought, and Language

 8. Lifespan Development

 9. Motivation and Emotion

10. Social Psychology

11. Personality

12. Psychological Disorders

13. Therapies

14. Stress, Health, and Coping


Course Materials:


Discovery Series: Introduction to Psychology, brief Edition, with required CourseMate, Plotnik and Kouyoumdjian, Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2013


Choose one of these options (see 120 Options for more detailed explanation)

1) New printed textbook w/free CourseMate * easiest choice and available at College Bookstore

2) Used textbook with separate purchase of CourseMate direct from Cengage * used book must be acquired separately (online or at college bookstore)

3) CourseMate purchased alone from Cengage * includes eBook but no printed text (not recommended for most students)


* see 120 Options for a more complete explanation