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woman looking out window The virtual classroom environment can be confining. It can be exciting and educational to expand beyond this and bring the outside world into your virtual classroom.


  • Call or email professionals, experts, those who work in your field, other instructors, or those who have had personal experiences with your course content
  • Be sure to explain to your guest how online works (login instructions, time frame for the visit, how to used Dbs, what to expect)
  • For adding guest lecturers or others to your Bb containers, fill out the form on the GCCCD Blackboard Requests site: Add a User (they will be enrolled as a student with TA - temporary access)
  • Open up a Db thread for one week or so (be sure to prepare students ahead of time)
  • Instead of using Dbs, you can set up a live chat session with Bb recorded transcripts for those who cannot attend (these tend to be chaotic, so see the sidebar in Using Groups)
  • Have students interview someone related to course material (in person, by phone, by email)
  • Post their interview (or a recording or video) to Bb
  • Have students observe people or a situation that relates to course material
Field Trips
  • Have students visit a course-related location and report (prepare assignment instructions and questions)
  • Examples: a church for religious studies, court for law, planetarium for astronomy
Cross-Cultural Assignment
  • Explore other countries by Web search
  • Google has a language translator
  • You might even set up correspondence through similar online courses in other countries (perfect for history, languages, political science)
  • Google has a text translator
  • Have students view a movie (theater or rented) that relates to class material
  • Exchange material with other instructors here or across the world (search for schools)
  • Share video, animations, presentations
  • Simulate laboratory experiments using household items
  • See the sidebar in Choosing Materials


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Sidebar - In Focus

Cindy Morrin discusses her experiences with guests.