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Blackboard is fairly intuitive and easy to use, but there are many features to master. Understanding Bb well helps you better deal with student questions. Here are some tutorials and help files that can also been linked to your course or faculty Web page for students to use.


For information on Bb containers (procedures, requesting containers, timeline for development, Colleague, etc.), see Server or Blackboard Container Preparation.

To report Blackboard slowdown, send an email to isops@gcccd.edu and explain what is happening (or call the Help Desk (619) 660-4395 and they can report it).

Complete an online course on how to use Bb or earn an Online Teaching Certification through @ONE.

Blackboard tutorials specific to our district's needs are created by Rhonda Bauerlein at Cuyamaca College and Chris Rodgers at Grossmont College.


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Blackboard Support
Bb has many excellent video tutorials on the use of individual components (also available within "Quick Tutorials Catalog" module on the Bb welcome page that you see before entering your classroom).
Link to Bb tutorials

These videos are grouped into three categories.  Click the link for the category you're interested in to see the list of videos for that category.

Examples of some tutorials

Other Bb Support Sources

Other College's Bb Tutorials & Links:

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