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Stats Academy Math Department Cuyamaca College


Preparation for Elementary Statistics

This single one-semester course can be used to replace the traditional pathway to statistics (Math 88, Math 90, and Math 103 or Math 110).

Math 96 offers a streamlined approach to preparing you for transfer-level statistics at Cuyamaca College (Math 160), but it's nothing like your typical high school algebra course. We will study only the core concepts from arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, and introductory statistics that are needed to understand the basics of college-level statistics. We'll do a lot of writing in this course to answer questions such as, "Are adult's breakfast cereals healthier than children's breakfast cereals?" and "Do banks practice discriminatory lending practices?"

This is a new pathway to statistics designed for students who do NOT plan to major in math, science, engineering or business. Furthermore upon successful completion of Math 96, it is assumed that you will enroll in Math 160 Elementary Statistics at Cuyamaca College. Successful completion of Math 96 qualifies you to take transfer-level Math 160 at Cuyamaca College only and does not qualify you to take any other math course. At this time Math 96 does not transfer to other colleges. However, Math 160 meets the degree requirements at Cuyamaca College and transfers to the four-year institutions. So once you successfully complete Math 96 and Math 160, you could be done with the required math for your two-year and/or four-year degrees.

For financial aid purposes, Math 96 will count towards your financial aid if you are receiving financial aid at Cuyamaca College.  It will NOT count towards your financial aid if you are receiving financial aid at Grossmont College.  If you plan to take this course and have applied for financial aid, please contact an advisor at the financial aid office of either college to help you understand your financial aid options.

Search the online class schedule for open Math 96 sections.

For more information please contact Terrie Nichols at . Please include "Stats Academy" in the subject line.

MATH 160

Elementary Statistics

Catalog Description


Study and application of the concepts and procedures of descriptive statistics, probability theory and inferential statistics. In descriptive statistics: organize, summarize and display data including frequency tables and histograms; exploratory data analysis; measures of central tendency, variation and position. In probability theory: fundamental rules and definitions of probability; counting; central limit theorem; probability distributions including the binomial, normal, Student T, chi-square, and F. In inferential statistics: estimation and hypothesis testing for means, proportions and variances; contingency tables; ANOVA models; linear regression and correlation; nonparametric methods. Applications may be included from various fields such as biology, business, economics, education, engineering, demography and psychology.