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History 120
Summer ‘99
T. Valverde

                    GENERAL INFORMATION


TEXTS: Thomas A. Bailey, The American Pageant Volume I, 11th ed        Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life of Frederick  Douglass

EXAMS: Your grade in this class will be based on 3 in-class exams. Points will also be given for class participation.

The 3 in-class exams will consist of 30 objective questions and 1 essay question. The objective questions will be worth one point each for a total of 30 points and the essay question will be worth 40 points. Each in-class exam will be worth 70 points.

In general, these exams will not be cumulative. History, however, is an ongoing process and certain concepts, philosophies or events must be carried over from one exam to another.

Before each exam you will be given a study guide for the exam. These study guides are designed to be used with lecture, the textbook and classroom activities. They are not meant to take the place of continuous study.

The questions for the exam will come from the text, lecture, class handouts, audio-visual materials and class discussions. The material to be covered on each exam is clearly stated on your class schedule and on your study guide, but if you have any questions be sure to ask well in advance of the exam. I am not responsible for misunderstandings brought to my attention the day of an exam.

MAKE-UP EXAMS: Make-up exams are discouraged. If you know in advance that you will miss an exam or in the event of a true emergency (verifiable) an exam can be made up on the day of the final. There will be two new essay questions on a revised study guide and no choice of essay question on the make-up exam. If you miss an exam and do not get in touch with me within 2 days, You will receive a 0 for that exam.

During the summer, no matter how good your excuse may be, you can only make up one exam. NO EXCEPTIONS

CLASS ROOM PARTICIPATION: Your points for this portion of your grade will be based on both in-class work and take home assignments. Everyone will start with 20 points. If you do not do an assignment or are absent when the class does an assignment, you will loose a point. This assignments can be given at any time during the class. I reserve the right to ask students to leave if they have not completed a part of a take home assignment. There is no make-up on these.

ATTENDANCE: Any student who exceeds 8 hours of absence will be dropped. Early departures, late arrivals or wandering in and out of class during class time will be counted toward these 8 hours. (2 tardys= 1 absence, as does leaving class twice during class time) The State of California requires that attendance be taken in a Community College and that students whose absences exceed 6% of class time (4 hours) may be dropped by the instructor and if they exceed 12% they must be dropped by the instructor. If the number of allowable absences is exceeded after the last day to drop you will receive an F no matter what your final grade may be. In the past there have been exceptional circumstances which allow some flexibility regarding attendance. If you believe your circumstances warrant this flexibility please discuss it with me. Please Note: A 2 week vacation, obligations in another class or picking anyone up at the airport do not constitute a legitimate reason to either exceed your 8 hours of absences or make-up an exam. You are responsible for what goes on in class whether you are present or not. This includes being tardy or having left class for any reason.

The final decision regarding continued attendance or make-up exams will be mine alone. Please be aware that the ultimate responsibility for dropping this or any course is yours. Students can and do "fall through the cracks", so if you decide to drop this course, you should go through proper channels.

GRADES: Your grade in this class will be based on total points.                      In-Class Exams 3 X 70 = 210 points
                    Participation = ? X 1 = 20
                    Final Grade:
                    230-207 = A
                    206-184 = B
                    183-161 = C
                    160-138 = D
                    137-000 = F

If you are taking this class for credit/no credit, you must get a C or better to receive a credit grade. Unless there is instructor error, all grades in this class are final and may not be changed as a result of doing any extra credit work. YOU SHOULD RETAIN ALL CLASS WORK UNTIL AFTER THE FINAL GRADES ARE RECORDED. The ultimate responsibility for proving instructor error is the students.

Office Hour: Mon. & Wed. 2:45-3:00
I am also available by appointment
Voice Mail. 627-2767/6366

-No eating, no reading the newspaper, other course textbooks or visiting with your neighbor during class time. This includes not only during lecture but during audio-visual presentations.
-No one is allowed in this class unless they are a registered student or an employee of the college district.
-Any disruptive behavior will result in removal from this class. Disruptive behavior is defined as any behavior which detracts from a normal learning environment. You will only be warned once.
-Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your work must be your own and original. This not only includes the obvious but also lifting phrases or sentences out of the textbook or directly from lecture and using them for your essay answers.
Cheating or duplicate work (includes essays) will result in a zero for the assignment
-If you arrive in class late, please take a seat near the door. Do not unless absolutely necessary walk in front of the instructor while she is lecturing.
-If I am absent the class meeting before an exam (except the final) and there is no substitute, the exam will be postponed one class meeting.