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Request a Container

You will need a Blackboard container to work in while taking the Teaching with Blackboard course. This tutorial will show you how to request a container from the District Information Systems department.

Go to GCCCD Online Web Page

In your browser (IE or Firefox), go to the GCCCD Online web page at

Support for Faculty Link

Click the Support for Faculty link.

Enter User Name and Password

Enter the same User Name and Password that you use for campus email. The User Name is usually your first name, followed a dot, then your last name.

Select Blackboard Course Containers link

CREATE a new container

Click the CREATE a new container link.

Fill out Instructor Information

Fill in the form with your information.
(1) Enter your Blackboard Username. If you don't know it, go into WebAdvisor and follow the steps to find out your User ID.
(2) Enter the email address that you want communications about this request to be sent to.
(3) Enter the telephone number that you want communications about this request to be made to.

Enter Course Information

(1) Select your college
(2) Use the drop-down arrow to select Demo for the Container Type
(3) Type DEMO in the Course field
(4) Type 000 (zero zero zero) in the Number field
(5) Type Teaching with Blackboard in the Description field

Leave lines 2-5 as they are.


You don't need to do anything in the Additional Information area except click on the Submit button.

Wait for email

You will be sent an email that tells you that your container has been created.