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"No one ever blew up a mosque, church, or abortion clinic after yelling, ‘I could be wrong!’"

--Frank Schaeffer

Work experience and academic preparation

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PhræstiJobsI help people learn to write effectively and to read critically; that is, I teach rhetoric and literature. My students come from a wide range of educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds: They are recent high school graduates, re-entry adults, and transitional ESL students of all ages. I integrate traditional pedagogy (lecture and discussion) with the "new" rhetoric (workshop- and seminar-based courses) and the new technology (on-line delivery). I was elected teacher of the year for 2000-2001 and again for 2010-2011 by the academic senate and for 2001-2002 by the associated students. I frequently commute from Chula Vista by bicycle. El Cajon, CA, 1996-present.

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Southwestern College

As an adjunct I taught a battery of rhetoric and literature courses similar to the one I now teach full-time at Cuyamaca. I commuted every day by bicycle. Chula Vista, CA, 1989-1996.

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Sweetwater Union High School District

I taught all phases of the secondary English curriculum: rhetoric, literature, and writing laboratory, grades seven through twelve. I also taught my cognate discipline, history. While my sojourn in secondary academia was merely a series of long-term substitute positions and temporary contracts, at Chula Vista High School I was nonetheless elected teacher of the year by the senior class of 1983. I commuted every day by bicycle. Chula Vista, CA, 1979-83.

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Extensive experience in the advertising biz has cultivated skills which uniquely enhance my teaching. My own writing, an activity I once regarded as an exclusively academic exercise, has had to succeed in the "real world." I worked as a graphic designer, art director, and copywriter for the largest financial institution in San Diego, then for a major advertising agency, and later as principal of my own graphics firm.

Phræsti artI committed earlier than most artists--in 1987--to computerized design, illustration, production, and pre-press technologies. I have established my expertise professionally in QuarkXPress (the greatest application under the sun, bar none!), Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and other software. Further, at JamisonBell Advertising I introduced and managed a Macintosh artist-based imaging system.

(And hey, I made this Web-site.)

Pagaard Design and Illustration, Principal

My client list includes: The Boston Globe, Rob Hagey Productions (Street Scene), Capener Matthews & Walcher (advertising and public relations), Genset (a Paris-based genetics research company), Stoorza Ziegaus & Metzger (public relations), Franklin Stoorza (advertising), SDG&E, The Association for the Advancement of Psychology (political-action arm of the APA), EastLake Development Company, Christopher Crotty (political) Consulting, Reynolds & Reynolds Healthcare Systems, South Bay Family YMCA, Honeywell, Lamb's Players Theatre, and others. Chula Vista, CA: 1995-present.

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Jamison Bell Advertising, Art Director

I worked closely with the following accounts: North Island Federal Credit Union, Sentra Securities, San Diego National Sports Training Foundation (Olympic Training Center, San Diego), The City of Chula Vista, Zondervan Publishing House (Harper Collins), Chula Vista Center (Homart Development Company), and others. I commuted every day for three years by bicycle. Chula Vista, CA: 1988-94.

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HomeFed Bank, Graphic Designer

Arbeit, German for "work"I was lead designer on the team charged with designing and producing print media for this eleven-billion-dollar financial institution. Additionally, I was responsible for training and project planning. San Diego, CA: 1983-88.

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Hebron, Musician

In college, and a year or two before and after, I played guitar, sang, and wrote music with a number of bands. Hebron was by far the most interesting of these. I was lucky enough to play with musicians who were immeasurably better than I was, notably Kevin Cope on piano, Brian Gire on guitar, and my brother Steve on both. Chula Vista, CA: 1973-75.

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California Teaching Credentials

Community college: language arts and literature, 1989
Single-subject secondary: English, 1979; history, 1981

Phræsti courses

Master of Arts, University of California, San Diego, 1987

Thesis: "Parable in the Fiction of George Macdonald"; Donald Wesling, advisor
Concentration: British and American literature
Additional specialization: critical theory, rhetoric, Dante

Bachelor of Arts, summa cum laude, San Diego State University, 1978

Concentration: British literature
Cognate area: European and American history
Additional specialization: linguistics: theory and application to literature

Associate of Arts, Southwestern College, 1975

Concentration: English

""Hey! What's this, Pagaard? Poetry? ...Do you enjoy  your job here as a cartoonist, Pagaard?" "

"Hey! What's this, Pagaard? Poetry? ...Do you
enjoy your job here as a cartoonist, Pagaard?"
Copyright Gary Larson (with apologies), 1985


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