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"Power has only one duty--to secure the social welfare of the People."

--Benjamin Disraeli

Why motion matters

We commit a huge amount of our time, treasure, and energy to moving from place to place. I humbly submit that we might make better transportation decisions, using our resources more wisely. Here's how.

I've also included some only marginally relevant stuff about how transportation problems have been solved in the past. (OK, I want to post my photos of the Niña. Where else can I put them?)

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Evolve: Ride your bike!


Evolve! Ride your bike!

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair
for the future of the human race."

--HG Wells

Bicycling against oil wars


The Bike Snob: best cycling blog there is

Eben Weiss, The Bike Snob Eben Weiss, The NYC Bike Snob


Bike-friendly cities:

Bike your drive

"Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live."
--Mark Twain


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Check out my bike.


Specialized bicycles

My Tarmac in my office

My favorite rides:

Morning workout: Crest circle
My commute to college
Chula Vista circle

Otay Lakes fun ride
Toll road to Brown Field
Tour de Coronado Pequeño
Tour de Coronado Grande
UCSD to Oceanside
Laguna triangle
Honey Springs Road

Don Smith's insane Laguna ride
Cycling with my neighbors

The best bike shop in the world:
Pulse endurance sports

1020 A-2 Tierra Del Rey, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Ask for Mike or Liam.
You can't go wrong with these guys!


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My car

Smart car logo

My smart car

Now I drive smart.

I've had enough of paying to fuel my relatively fuel-efficient but otherwise cumbersome Honda Odyssey.

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Christopher Columbus's flagship, the Niña

In February of '09 we visited a fabulous replica of Columbus's Niña. It was built in 1989, using all original period tools, materials, and shipbuilding methods. It's precisely to scale, 100% size. Everyone's immediate reaction is that it's impossibly tiny; this is true even of my response--and I knew already that this is one very tiny vessel indeed. More shocking and entirely unexpected, the Niña is also nearly completely open, as you'll see in the photos: Except for Chris's quarters, which is an unbearably stuffy closet (less than four feet high) below the partially enclosed tiller house, and a very small adjoining hold (for livestock and other provisions), everything is completely open to the elements. Everyone but Columbus worked and slept on deck.

Niña sailing head-on | Niña under sail | Niña from bow (OK, niñas)
Main deck looking forward | Main deck looking aft
Small boat on deck
(and open tlller house; I have no idea who the bald guy is)

Niņa sailing head-on


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