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Information Competency Student Learning Outcomes

In today's business environment, being able to access, analyze and effectively use information is more important than ever.

Student Learning Outcomes

There are two key student learning outcomes of this project:

  • Students completing the Webquest will report an improvement in their information literacy skills.
  • Students will report an increased level of confidence to  use information effectively.

Using Webquests as a teaching tool

This project was undertaken to embed the teaching and assessing of information literacy skills within Business and ESL courses. The project incorporates the development of Webquests, an online module designed to help students develop their information literacy skills.

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes using Webquests
There are different ways to measure these student information competency learning outcome:

  • Students will be able to identify relevant print sources.
  • Students will select specific databases to find specific information.
  • Students will be able to locate information by using  electronic databases.

Librarian's role in developing Student Learning Outcomes using Webquests

Librarians have seized upon the concept of active learning.  Active learning is a method of educating students that allows them to participate in class. It takes them beyond the role of passive listener and note taker and allows the student to take some direction and initiative during the class.

The role of the librarian is to lecturer less and instead direct the students in directions that will allow the students to "discover" the material as they work with other students to understand the curriculum. Less emphasis is placed on transmitting information and more emphasis is placed developing the information competency skills of the students.  The students are involved in higher information competency skills such as analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluation.

Other cooperative learning activities that are conducted during Library instruction sessions:

  • Passing reference works around a room and allowing students to look at them .
  • Discuss the differences of print and electronic sources.
  • A group assignment to look up some information.
  • Students to use computers and conduct searches during class time.


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