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Webquest Background

  • Bernie Dodge is a Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University. His Webquest Page provides excellent resources to learn about webquests. Look especially at the many EXAMPLES he gives and at the TRAINING MATERIALS.
  • Tom March is also a developer of webquests. His Webquests for Learning page provides answers to the questions Why WebQuests? and What do WebQuests Look Like? and guidance for Designing Your Own WebQuests and Putting Your WebQuest Online
  • Bernie Dodge's thinking about webquests has evolved over the last four years.  In the early article, WebQuest, Prof. Dodge distinguished between short term and long term WebQuests. He then provides six critical attributes for WebQuests, introduction that sets the stage, a task that is doable and interesting, a set of information sources needed to complete the task, a description of the process the learners should go through in accomplishing the task, some guidance on how to organize the information acquired, and a conclusion. 
  • Later Prof. Dodge substituted the idea of Evaluation for Guidance and began thinking about rubric-based evaluation. Two of his more recent articles are given below.
  • The following websites with webquests have been created by university students


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