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Water & Wastewater Technology: Wastewater Treatment Operator Degree and Certificate Requirements
(Major Code: 51061)  
Associate in Science Degree Requirements:  
Course  Title  Units
WWTR 101 Fundamentals of Water/Wastewater Technology  3
WWTR 102  Calculations in Water/Wastewater Technology  3
WWTR 104  Basic Hydraulics  3
WWTR 106  Introduction to Electrical and    
Instrumentation Processes  3
WWTR 110  Laboratory Analysis for Water/Wastewater  3
WWTR 114  Basic Plant Operations: Wastewater Treatment  3
WWTR 120  Advanced Plant Operations:   
Wastewater Treatment  3
Subtotal 21
Select one (1) of the following:  
WWTR 112  Basic Plant Operations: Water Treatment  3
WWTR 130  Water Distribution Systems  3
WWTR 132  Wastewater Collection Systems  3
WWTR 134  Mechanical Maintenance  3
WWTR 290  Cooperative Work Experience  3
Subtotal 3
Select two (2) of the following:  
ENVT 100  Introduction to Environmental and Occupational   
Safety and Health (OSH) Technology  4
ENVT 110  Pollution Prevention  3
ENVT 150  Hazardous Waste Management Applications  4
WWTR 280  Backflow Tester Training  2
WWTR 282  Cross Connection Control Specialist  3
  5 - 8
Total Required  29-32

Plus General Education Requirements
Certificate of Achievement
Students who complete only the major requirements above
qualify for a Certificate in Water Treatment Plant Operators.
An official request must be filed with the Admissions and
Records Office prior to the deadline as stated in the Academic Calendar.


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