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The Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative (IEPI) is a statewide effort aimed at advancing effective practices throughout the California Community Colleges (CCCs). The initiative is designed to improve the CCCs' ability to serve and foster success for students. For additional information about IEPI, visit http://iepi.cccco.edu/.


Cuyamaca College was able to apply for and receive technical assistance in spring 2017 to assist us in improving our systems, structures, processes, and infrastructure to support the following:

  • Learning Outcome Assessment,
  • Integrated Planning,
  • and Effective Participatory Governance.

With the assistance of our assigned Partnership Resource Team (PRT), which included peers with expertise from each of our focus areas from other California Community Colleges, we developed an IEPI Innovation and Effectiveness Plan and applied for an IEPI Seed Grant to implement the plan. In fall 2017, the College received a follow-up visit from our PRT members to assess our progress in meeting the plan objectives.


Cuyamaca College IEPI Innovation and Effectiveness Plan

Progress Report on Cuyamaca College IEPI Innovation and Effectiveness Plan

Cuyamaca Governance Redesign