Institutional Learning Outcomes

The College's Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) are a promise to the communities that Cuyamaca College graduates and those transferring to a four-year college or university, will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities contained within all of the ILOs, based on general education and discipline-specific courses. Cuyamaca College students who earn a certificate, or have taken courses for personal educational development, will be expected to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities specified within one or more of the ILOs.


Upon reviewing results of prior years' graduating student surveys, the Student Learning Outcome and Assessment Committee (SLOAC) recommended revisions to the College's ILOs in Spring 2019. The revisions were approved by the Academic Senate in April 2019 and Cuyamaca College Council in May 2019.


  1. Communication Competency   Students will communicate information, arguments, and opinions effectively to different audiences through various modalities, including listening, speaking, and writing.
  2. Critical Thinking Competency   Students will analyze and evaluate qualitative and quantitative information, and synthesize findings to make decisions within various contexts.
  3. Cultural Competency   Students will interact effectively with others, taking into account their diverse backgrounds, and work well in cross-cultural situations.
  4. Professional Responsibility   Students will practice ethical and civil conduct in professional environments, as well as resolve conflict and build alliances.

Endorsed by Academic Senate April 25, 2019

Approved by Cuyamaca College Council May 28, 2019