Profiles of Achievement: Cuyamaca Alumni


erica abrahamErica Abraham: First Graduate of Cuyamaca College’s Viticulture Apprenticeship Program

dalla valencia
Dalia Valencia: Cuyamaca College was the Right Move
Fernando Lucero

Fernando Lucero: Finding Redemption at Cuyamaca College

wulframWulfran Trenet: From Paris With Love
Likaa Mohamed

Likaa Mohamad: A Life Dedicated to Helping Others

Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan: Overcoming the Odds at Cuyamaca College

Jesus Suarez
Jesus Suarez: Advocating for Equity

Niall-Conor Garcia
Niall-Conor Garcia: Cuyamaca College’s Renaissance Man


Fadya Basha: Age is Just a Number

Jovonda Reina

Jovonda Reina: From Foster Child to Cuyamaca College Scholar

hiam abdulahad

Hiam Abdulahad: A




of Giving

Iveth Estrada

Iveth Estrada: Mexican Immigrant becomes a Cuyamaca College Leader

alan kassab

Alan Kassab: Reaching His Goals at Cuyamaca College

james mcallister
James McAllister: Former Marine


Corps Avionics Technician Flourishes at Cuyamaca College

Ben Lawson

Ben Lawson: From Liverpool to Cuyamaca

Jesus Banderas
Jesus Banderas: Former High School Dropout Now a Plant Biologist


Janet Leak-Garcia: Illustrating How Far an Education Can Take You


Jessica Murguia: First-Generation College Student


Now Helping Others


Moises Morales: Bringing a Can-Do Attitude at Cuyamaca College

Maysaa Madhat Ibrahim: Cuyamaca Graduate Proves Nothing is Impossible

Rebekah Shtayfman: Single Mom, Formerly Homeless, Thrived at Cuyamaca

Rachel Becker: Cuyamaca College Student Earns State Department Scholarship

nisreen al-sabie

Nisreen Al-sabie: Odyssey Leads to Cuyamaca College 

Cathy Fritz: Returning to Cuyamaca to Help Today’s Students


Alexander Kraft: Cuyamaca College Lifts Student to UC Berkeley

shaletha arnold

Shaletha Arnold: Forming a Black Student Union at Cuyamaca College 


Mariah Moschetti: Reaching for the Sky