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An Anti-Racist & Equity-Minded Community of Practice

Sign up for each session via the Vision Resource Center and join your colleagues to discuss effective teaching practices for a remote/online format via Zoom.


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Teaching Dialogues Sessions

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@One Inspiration: Liquid Syllabus  

By: Kim Lenox - English Instructor

Video Link - 19 mins


Contract Grading
Creating Videos for Online Classes  


By: Brianna Brown - English Instructor

Video Link - 12 mins


Culturally Responsive Teaching & Learning in the Classroom


By: Marissa Salazar - Psychology Professor & Raquel Jacob-Alameida - Chair, Social & Behavioral Sciences


Video Link - 46 mins


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Discussion
Equity-Minded Assessments  


By: Araceli Centanino - History Professor



Video Link - 18 mins


Equity-Minded Changes Applied in the Classroom
Equity-Minded Teaching Practices in a COVID World


By: Marissa Salazar - Psychology Professor


Video Link - 23 mins


Equity-Minded Practices: Remote Teaching & Learning


By: Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks - Chair, History, Humanities & Philosophy Instructor

Moriah's Presentation


Video Link - 18 mins


Equitable Teaching (During a Pandemic)
Facilitating Group Work on Zoom  

By: Rachel Polakoski - Mathematics Instructor

Video Link - 18 mins

How to Make the Curriculum Relevant, Creating a Democratized Classroom and How to Build Meaningful Relationships  


By: Lauren Halsted - Chair, English Department

Video Link - 21 mins


Late Assignment and Resubmission Policies Reflection  


By: Nicole Hernandez - Child Development Instructor 

Video Link - 17 mins


Power: Assessment and Privilege


By: Moriah Gonzalez-Meeks - Chair, History, Humanities & Philosophy Instructor


Video Link - 25 mins


Remote Learning Technology Tools for Instructors   


By: Steve Weinert - Psychology Instructor


Video Link - 14 mins


Taking the Transparency in Learning and Teaching (TILT) Framework Online  


By: Tania Jabour - English Instructor, Student Learning Outcome Coordinator

Video Link - 19 mins


Sharing Power in the Classroom


By: Karen Marrujo - English Instructor


Video Link - 26 mins


Supporting Students During a Pandemic  

By: Annalinda Arroyo - Mathematics Instructor


Video Link - 24 mins


Using Open Educational Resources (OER)


By: Karla Gutierrez - Spanish Instructor


Video Link - 27 mins


Why and How I Ungrade


By: Mary Klann - History Instructor

Video Link - 17 mins





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