Psychology is the science and study concerned with behavior, in both people and other animals. Cuyamaca College offers an Associate Degree for Transfer in Psychology that can lead to admission at a California State University campus. The degree program is designed to provide students with a broad based understanding of human behavior so they may explore human thought and behavior and various methodologies. Graduates will be familiar with the major concepts and historical trends in psychology, along with basic research methods. Students also will be able to understand and apply psychological principles to personal, social and organizational issues.


The Psychology Program at Cuyamaca College is part of the History, Social and Behavioral Sciences Department, and it offers a wide array of courses, ranging from Introductory Psychology and Human Sexuality to Research Methods for Psychology and Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. Other courses include Abnormal Psychology, which provides an overview of psychological research and theory involving the causes and treatment of abnormal behavior; and Physiological Psychology, which examines the relationships between bodily processes and aspects of behavior.


Finally, students also can enroll in Selected Topics in Psychology, which covers areas not included in the college’s regular catalog offerings.


Students may take courses to prepare for a psychology major or to fulfill general education requirements.



  • Counseling
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Therapy
  • Clinical social work
  • Psychologists


Stephen Weinert

Marissa Salazar Ph. D



Tom Doyle, Ph.D.

Joe R. Jones



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