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Dana Chapin

Water and Wastewater Technology: Instructor

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WWTR 110


Water Production Superintendent

City of San Diego


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Dana Chapin worked for the City of San Diego for 23 years, initially as a chemist analyzing water quality in both water and wastewater. Dana supervised the Metals, Process Control and Quality Control sections of the City's Water Quality Laboratory for six years, then supervised the the City's Water Quality Laboratory for the next ten years, where his responsibilities included compliance reporting to the State of California, providing assistance with water treatment operations, development of monitoring protocols, and implementation of advanced instrumentation.


Dana finished his career at the City as the Water Production Superintendent, where his responsibilities included supervision of operations at the City's three water treatment plants, compliance oversight, implementation of new processes, budgeting, and liaison with the California Department of Public Health, City management, and other outside agencies.


Dana retired from the City in 2011.


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