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Henry Palechek

Water and Wastewater Technology: Instructor

Instructor for:

WWTR 106


WWTR 112


WWTR 117


Helix Water District


Instrumentation and Control Systems Supervisor

Contact Information:

Work Phone: (619) 443-1031


Henry Palechek has been working in the electronics and instrumentation field since 1986. In his role as the Instrument and Process Control Systems Supervisor for the Helix Water District, Henry designed, installed, and now oversees the SCADA system and controls for a 106 MGD water treatment plant and a 50 square mile water distribution system.


Henry has been instructing the WWTR 106 Instrumentation and Control class for the last 20 years and has been teaching WWTR 112 and WWTR 117 (Basic and Advanced Water Treatment Operations) classes for the past several years.


Henry holds a BS degree in Information Systems and two AS degrees in electronic and computer technologies. He currently holds a California Department of Public Health Treatment Operator T4 certification.

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