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Botanical Society


Are You An OH Student?

As a student in the Cuyamaca College Ornamental Horticulture Department, you are automatically a member of Cuyamaca College Botanical Society (CCBS).


What is the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society (CCBS)?

In 1980, the same year the Ornamental Horticulture program was established, a group of first year students decided to form a club with the intent to raise funds for scholarships and beautify the campus. Thus, the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society (CCBS) was born. There are no membership dues, and students in our program automatically become members of the Cuyamaca College Botanical Society (CCBS.)


Each year club members raise funds for the scholarship program through planning OH's signature events. CCBS's efforts have helped generations of OH students meet their college costs since the scholarship program’s inception.

2022-2023 Officers

  • 45th President - Fletcher Morrow
  • First Vice President - Patricia Welling
  • Second Vice President - Minely Lizarraga
  • Secretary – Doug Johnston

  • Treasurer – Kristin Hunter-Behbahani

  • Activities Coordinator – Franziska Collier

  • Historian – Nick Nicoloff

  • Ex Officio – Sarah Roberts

  • Assistants to the Board – Kathy Waggoner, Steven Bleeke, Leslie Nelson, Jen Bixler



  • Summer Retreat for CCBS Officers
  • Spring Garden Festival
  • Scholarship Award Event

Get Involved

Attending CCBS meetings, becoming a CCBS officer, or volunteering for one of the events are all great ways to get involved, learn more, and meet new friends.

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