Keenan Murray
Program Chair


Career Options

Our graduates find employment with a variety of companies. The most common are:

  • The California Department of Transportation
    and Other State Agencies
  • Surveying Firms
  • Mapping Firms
  • County Tax Mappers

Surveying may be necessary for:

  • Acreage determination
  • Location of boundary lines
  • Subdivision of land for inheritance purposes
  • Buying or selling land
  • Location of environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands
  • Utility easements
  • Layout of forest roads

Most states require that land surveyors be licensed. The surveyor must be able to follow the original surveyor when re-establishing boundary lines.
Surveying has been made a lot easier with GPS, total station distance meters, data collectors, desktop computers, computed aided drafting (CAD), and the internet.

It helps to know surveying law and trigonometry.

Surveyors have to deal with following vague deed descriptions, minimal field evidence, lost boundary corners, property line disputes, and acreage discrepancies that have been caused by surveyors who used older surveying instruments. Updated boundary maintenance helps to prevent property line problems with adjoining landowners.


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