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Health Education

Health Education includes an array of topics that promote health and prevent disease, disability and premature death. The job of a health educator is to impact individual behavior and the living and working conditions that influence people’s health.



Cuyamaca College offers an extensive list of Health Education courses that range from “Nutrition for Fitness and Sports” and “Introduction to Public Health” to “Science of Nutrition” and “Healthy Lifestyles: Theory and Application.” Also offered is the 1-unit, Health Education for Teachers designed for multiple or single-subject teacher candidates. This course provides introductory knowledge of broad health-related issues relevant to K-12 curriculum.

Several online courses are available, including Health Education for Teachers, Realities of Nutrition, and Personal Health and Lifestyles.

With its natural setting in semi-rural East County, Cuyamaca College offers an environment conducive to the study of Health Education.


Career Opportunities

  • Health and wellness coordinator
  • Nutrition education coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Dietician


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