This program is designed to provide students with skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Arabic. It also gives students a greater understanding of the culture and civilization of the Arabic-speaking world, and prepares them for greater international and domestic career opportunities.

Most courses satisfy General Education requirements for Community Colleges (Cuyamaca College) and Universities (California State University, University of California, etc.) and are fully transferable to any California Community College or University within the University of California or California State University system as well as other four-year institutions.

For the suggested sequence of courses to be taken and/or for assistance in transferring to a four-year institution, students should consult the Counseling Center or the Department of World Languages.

Recommended Course Sequence

Major in Arabic Studies, AA / COA


Jane Gazale

Associate Professor of Arabic

Phone: 619-660-4595
Office: F-509


Nazar Aldulaimi

Rana Al-Azzeh

Hanaa Alkassas

Ghadah Al Saadi

Abdullah Al Shawi

Roula Aoneh

Haytham Boles

Jane Gazale

Lina Hariri

Sawsan Ibrahim

Alaa Gado Kana

Gerald Sako
Aklas Sheai

Ghassan Zakaria

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