Guillermo Colls
Lead Faculty*
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English as a Second Language (ESL)

Program Information

English As A Second Language (ESL) classes are designed to improve:

  • Reading English
  • Writing English
  • English Grammar
  • Listening
  • Speaking skills

Learning English will help students attain employment or pursue degree and certificate programs that use English as the language of instruction.


The ESL program is divided into 5 levels. Students should see a counselor to select additional courses in other areas for which their language skills will be acceptable.


  • Level 1- Beginning College ESL (ESL-50)
  • Level 2- Low Intermediate College ESL (ESL-1A)
  • Level 3- Intermediate College ESL (ESL-1B)
  • Level 4- Low Advanced College ESL (ESL-2A)
  • Level 5- Advanced College ESL (ESL-2B)


Classes are usually of a size that provides for individualized attention in a professional learning environment.



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Guillermo Colls
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Rawya ElMalt

Stephanie Frame

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Debra Hill

Susan Kauffman

Hala Masri

Stephanie Lange-Velasquez


Manuel Mancillas-Gomez

Lyn Neylon-Craft

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Olga Sukhanova

Gamze Tufekci

Laurie Woods

Yuki Yamamoto


Specialty Lab Technician II ESL
Alejandro Centanino

Cuyamaca College ESL

Boost Pathway

The Boost Pathway can be completed in three to five (3-5) semesters. 


ESL 50 (6 units) and 50G (3 units; grammar companion course required with 50)

This is a Pass / No pass class


ESL 1A (6 units) and 1AG (3 units; grammar companion course recommended with 1A)

Prerequisite: Pass in ESL 50 or Placement into ESL 1A


ESL 1B (6 units) and 1BG (3 units; grammarcompanion course recommended with 1B)

Prerequisite: Pass with C or better in ESL 1A 


ESL 2A (6 units) and 2AG (3 units; grammar companion course recommended with 2A)

No prerequisite


ESL 2B (6 units) and 2BG (3 units; grammar companion course recommended with 2B)

Prerequisite: Pass with C or better in ESL 2A  


ENG 120 (3 units) + 020 (1 unit)

No prerequisite


ENG 120 (3 units)

Prerequisite: Pass with C or better in ESL 2B


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