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Geology is a science focused on the study of solid Earth, including the rocks it comprises and the processes by which they change. By gaining such knowledge, geologists can better understand the history of our planet, the dynamics of plate tectonics, past climates and how life evolved. The better we can understand Earth’s history, the better we can foresee how events and processes of the past might influence the future. Geologists play critical roles in a number of areas in private enterprise, government agencies and nonprofits.



Geology courses offered at Cuyamaca College include:

  • Earth Science, which studies the patterns and processes that define Earth’s major physical systems, the basic energy and material flows by which these systems operate, and the comparative place of our planet within the solar system.
  • Planet Earth, an introductory Physical Science course investigating the composition of the Earth and the geologic processes by which it formed. Emphasis is placed on the unifying theory of plate tectonics and the associated activities of volcanism, earthquakes and mountain building.
  • Planet Earth Laboratory, which includes laboratory work related to and field investigations of the Earth, emphasizing hands-on experience with mineral, rocks and landforms, as well as topographic and geologic maps.


Jennifer Olim

Jennifer Olim



Jennifer Olim is an Adjunct Professor in the Science and Engineering Department. She teaches Geology, Oceanography, and Physics. Jennifer earned her PhD in Geology from the University of Minnesota. Her Master's and Bachelor's degrees are in Physics, from the University of Toronto and University of Victoria.

Jennifer is excited to share her passion for our amazing planet with students. She truly enjoys connecting with students and values the diverse experiences they bring to class.


Career Opportunities

  • Oil and gas companies
  • Mineral companies
  • Science writing and editing
  • Environmental geology
  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental law
  • Teaching
  • Federal government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park Service or the Department of the Interior.

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